Review Shea Terra Organics African Lemongrass Black Soap Elixir

African Lemongrass Black Soap Elixir $20.00 for 8 oz
According to the back of the bottle "African black soap has long been used to remedy acne, blemishes, dark spots, razor bumps, and even to reduce fine lines."

I don't have any fine lines (yet) so I can't say if it would really improve those, but this really does help with blemishes.

As I've mentioned before I have dry/combination skin so I get dry patches, but also blemishes. Because my skin is dry to begin with, this does dry out my skin further. 

The woman from Shea Terra that I had spoken to also has dry skin, and she recommends using this every other day or every two days.

If you have dry skin like us then that would be your best bet!

If you have acne or oily skin then you could use this daily.

This has a gel like consistency, and a lovely lemon scent.

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Overall, I would recommend this product especially for those with oily skin.