Fishers Finery Athletic Wear Review

How they arrive;
 Packaged, in a  beautiful navy gift box as well as a clear bag to protect them with a "Thank you" card that provides full care instructions as well as a catalog, and discount code!
The attention to detail is amazing, and honestly rarely seen from ordering online anymore, it makes unwrapping these pants feel very personal, and like a special gift.

Aside from the packaging, let's talk about the pants themselves, the available colors in this style (with the back pockets) are Black, Navy, and Gray. The size range is fantastic, from Regulars to Petites to Longs, x-small to x-large

The fabric that these pants are made of is honestly the softest, nicest fabric of any pants I own! They are a very thick, heavy duty material yet not overly warm, but they definitely keep me warm in this winter weather, and when I wear them working out they wick away the moisture and sweat, but also help me stay cool. I think that's just the magic of the material combination of these pants which is 60% Bamboo Viscose / 25% Organic Cotton / 15% Spandex

The thing I love most about this particular style is that they have back pockets, and these pockets are actually functional i.e. large enough to fit a smart phone, keys, lipstick etc. Because of the pockets, and because of the fit of these pants, I can actually get away with wearing them at work paired with heels and a dressy blouse. Let me tell you, these are the most comfortable pair of pants I have ever gotten to wear at work, it feels like a soft cozy pair of yoga pants, but with a dressier look! Another bonus that I have noticed is the fact that these do a great job of gentle compression on the lower stomach area, it really helps to make that area look flatter, they are very well fitting and flattering in general.

Women's EcoFabric™ Boot Leg Yoga Pant $39.98

These are made of the same great fabric as the Women's EcoFabric™ Boot Leg Yoga Pant with Back Pockets, and are available in the same size range, and in colors Gray, Navy, Black, and a super cute Light Gray (see below)
These are the perfect pants for running errands, working out, yoga, any kind of sport or activity where you just want to be comfortable!

Just like the ecofabric back pocket pants, these pants also do a great job of camouflaging any extra bit of tummy you may have, and they have a high rise, on me personally they come up right at my belly button, and are very slimming, I love to wear these with tops that are more fitted because they are so flattering on my bottom area and on my stomach. If you are a little shy/uncomfortable about your stomach area, I would highly suggest giving these a try because they make a huge difference in how you look in work out tops because of the slimming effect!

Overall, I would very highly recommend both of these pants, the quality is extremely high and will last you for years with proper care! and the price is so reasonable, and low for the exceptional quality.

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