Himalayan Sea Salt Lamps - Add a Beautiful Touch!

So as you all probably know, Salt Lamps are all the rage this year with the whole Boho, Hippie decor theme and this beautiful Salt Lamp was sent to me courtesy of yoursaltlamps.com! I was super excited to receive it as I have never before owned a salt lamp, and have heard that there are many benefits to it.

Himalayan Salt lamps have been proven to

-Generate negative ions, which neutralize toxins that cloud the air we breathe which can improve allergies, and the soft light it provides give a nice ambiance to the room.

-Great for mood lighting and reading by!

I have really enjoying using this lamp, it was easy to assemble, just insert the base into the salt and plug it in and you are set! It arrived packaged carefully with no damage at all.

Overall, I love the ambiance and soft light that this lamp provides, not to mention that it adds a great vibe to your decor!

For more info on this Himalayan Salt Lamp you can visit their website below!