Gustavo Cosmetics Skin Care Review

Daily Protection SPF 15 (Organic) $47.00
Love this moisturizer/sunscreen! So natural, yet so effective. I live in a very sunny, hot, humid state so I'm always slathering on sunscreen (yes, even in the fall and winter) like there's no tomorrow. I was pleasantly surprised with how well this worked, it kept my skin from getting sunburned while also keeping my dry skin quenched, it was easy to apply, non-greasy & didn't cause me to break out. I think the packaging is great, there's a unique pump at the top, just press down and it slowly dispenses out.

Seaweed Mask (Organic) $38.50
The first time I used this mask I actually did it with a friend with different skin type to see if we had the same results.

I have dry/sensitive skin & she has normal skin. The thing we both noticed & agreed on right away was how smooth our skin felt! We seemed to have the same results overall. Mostly what I noticed with this mask was softness & smoothness so this is the type of product I'd use once a week or for special occasions when my skin needs that extra glow in only 15 to 20 minutes I noticed my skin looked clearer than ever before, the natural redness I have on my cheeks was lessened greatly, and any blemishes I had at the time seemed to shrink. 

Both of the products in this review are Vegan!

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