Evanger's Dog and Cat Food Review

Grain-Free Dry Food for Dogs in Chicken, Meat Lover's Medley, and Whitefish and Sweet Potato Recipe
Chicken "Fresh de-boned Chicken is the #1 ingredient. This uses nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables instead of grains for optimal canine health, and omegas 3 and 6 for healthy joint, skin, and coat. For all breeds and all life stages." Meat Lover's Medley "Combines three unique meats: Rabbit, Beef, and Pork, for a delicious medley of meat. Uses nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables instead of grains for optimal canine health." Whitefish and Sweet Potato Recipe "Made with Evanger's superior, high quality nutrition, this is a perfect fish-based chicken-free dinner, and a great compliment to our canned entrees."

So, what did the dogs think? They loved it! These are in tiny bite-sized morsels perfect for mixing with wet food, serving dry or even as treats.. yes, treats! I got the dogs to do a few tricks for these and that is not normally the case for dry food.

Hi Bio Chicken SuperFood (semi-moist) for Dogs
"Hi‐Bio™ from Evanger's is a new generation “Super Food” for dogs that combines the benefits of raw food, the convenience of kibble, and the deliciousness of real meat!"

Although these are meant as a food, I actually loved using them as training treats! The inbetween dry-moist texture made them idea for this as well as the bite-sized size, dogs loved these both as food and treats! I also love the fact they have such a percentage of meat!

Raw Gently Dried Wild Salmon treats for Dogs & Cats
"Wild Salmon is high in protein and low in calories and saturated fat. Excellent for pets with food allergies and finicky eaters. Also available in our canned Hand Packed line."

So with these being salmon I expected the cats to love them (which they did,) but to my surprise the dogs went insane for these! It's normally their reaction to bacon treats, but these got and even bigger sitting ovation. ;) The dogs and cats could not get enough of these! A+ not to mention, salmon is great for their coats!

Overall, Evanger's products were a HUGE hit with the cats and dogs, and I love the fact that their food is so much more nutrient dense than most other brands, great quality and I would highly recommend giving their products a try for your dog or cat!

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