The Merry Hempsters Review

Endangered Wildlife Organic Lip Balm $2.99 each
25% of proceeds will be donated to help protect endangered animals and their habitat.

The flavors/animals include Orange (Jaguar), Vanilla (Polar Bear), Lemon Lime (Pika), Lavender-Orange (Monk Seal), Spearmint (Sturgeon), and Peppermint (Right Whale.) 

"Endangered Wildlife Lip Balm is simply the finest certified organic herbal lip therapy on the market. Eco-friendly and healthy, our USDA certified organic lip balm in concert with our philanthropy make a winning combination. Our hope is to nourish lips as well as educate. Please take the time to visit our beneficiary at to get educated about endangered wildlife. "

These lip balms are fantastic. They have a very similar texture to other beeswax lip balms, they apply smoothly, all of the flavors are wonderful especially the Orange flavor, and they are for a wonderful cause! They keep my lips nicely hydrated without feeling greasy, and make a great base for lip color.

Vegan & Organic Hemp Balms $2.99 each
Just as the Endangered Wildlife Balms these have the same great beeswax texture, thick, but go on smooth, and keep my lips hydrated without feeling greasy.

My favorite of the four is the Organic Spearmint which leaves my lips smelling fresh like I just brushed my teeth!

Balms & Salves $5.25 each
Left to right; Hot Hemp Muscle Rub, Cool Hemp Muscle Rub, Hemp Tattoo Balm, Organic Dog Salve

Hot Hemp Muscle Rub "Our best selling product! We blend organic hemp seed oil with the heating agent cassia for an analgesic effect. Camphor and organic menthol crystals offer immediate relief for aching muscles and joints. It has traditionally been used for reducing pain and inflammation associated with sore muscles, strains, overexertion, inflamed joints, and congestion. " This is the perfect product to rub on your back or feet after a long day of work! Sooo relaxing.

Cool Hemp Muscle Rub "A base of organic hemp seed oil blended with peppermint, spearmint and wintergreen essential oils along with organic menthol crystals and camphor crystals, achieves a unique analgesic cooling effect. It is traditionally used for reducing pain and inflammation associated with sore muscles and strains as well as congestion. " Wonderful to use before the Hot Rub to give that icy hot effect! Also has a delicious smelling mint scent.

Vegan Hemp Tattoo Balm "Keep your body art looking fresh for life by applying our Hemp Tattoo Balm to preserve your ink. We blend organic hemp seed oil with carrot seed, lavender and orange essential oils which are all great for your skin. Calendula is also known to reduce inflammation and has anti-fungal properties. It is the perfect tattoo after-care product." While I don't have any tattoos I can say this moisturizes and feels very soothing on the skin!

Organic Dog Salve "Formulated using only USDA certified organic ingredients, our Organic Dog Salve is not only safe and effective, but also supports environmentally friendly organic growing practices. The easy roll on applicator will keep your hands clean. Organic Dog Salve has our nourishing Hemp Seed Oil that contains essential nutrients for healthy skin. Organic Dog Salve is perfect for helping soothe your dog's hot spots, cuts, insect bites, abrasions, and other minor skin irritations. " The salve is wonderful for any sores or scrapes your pup may get! Very soothing to them, and application is SO easy! Much easier to get on a wiggly pup than a cream.

Overall, I recommend giving The Merry Hempsters products a try, especially the Endangered Wildlife Lip balms!

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