Prestige Cosmetics Total Intensity Review

Total Wear Lip Crayon - Girl On Fire $9.50
"Intense and long lasting color. Luxurious creamy smooth lipstick that in a single stroke, delivers intense and stay-true color and luminous finish. Glides effortlessly and stays put without running or feathering while conditioning lips. Retractable crayon."

This crayon applies very evenly, and smoothly. It has good pigment, and even after hours of wear while the shine wears off it leaves behind a decently pigmented stain. Works great even if you have dry lips because it's very moisturizing!

Total Intensity Liquid Liner - Stalker $9.50
"Incredible waterproof power Smudge-proof and crease-proof Vibrant, vivid shades."

I am in love with this shade! It's a true army green color which is uncommon for a liquid liner, I like that this collection has a lot of different shades that you don't normally see.

It applies smoothly, has a firm felt tip applicator, and works well for fine or thick lines, and especially a cat eye due to the firmness and shape of the brush.

As far as wear it wears well, and is waterproof, BUT not entirely smudge-proof for someone who rubs their eyes a lot like I do, but if you are good about keeping your hands away from your eye makeup then you are set!

Total Intensity Eyeliner - Fierce Blue $5.95
"Intense colors with deep black undertones, lasts up to 10 hours, waterproof, and smudge proof."

This eyeliner is super creamy, but once it sets it dries put, and is truly water-poof, and smudge-proof. I like the idea behind these liners, bright shades but with a black base so they are wearable. Even though this is a blue eyeliner it appears black with a blue shimmer making it easy to pair with most any look!

Total Intensity Fierce Color Eyeshadow (Duo Chrome) - Hocus Pocus $8.50
The Fierce Color eyeshadows create a multidimensional look all shades are duo chrome! Hocus Pocus is a brown with green sparkles--it looks grey from some angles. Very pretty shade, and even with the duo chrome very wearable. Great texture, great color payoff/pigmentation.

Total Intensity Color Rush Eyeshadow - Pretty in Pink $9.75
"Controlled and even pigment release during application" First of all, I love the look of these eyeshadows, they remind me of seashells, and the shade range is gorgeous--hoping they add more colors soon!

I was skeptical about the pigment being as even as they claim due to the raised texture of the eyeshadow, but upon application, and swatches I have found the dip in the center of the eyeshadow allows an even swipe, and great pigment too.

Total Intensity True Metals Eyeshadow - Pewter $9.75
"Create an exquisite eye catching metallic look."

This collection of eyeshadows really is all about metal shades it also includes Bronze, Copper, Gilded, and Sterling. Out of the three eyeshadows I'm reviewing, texture and pigmentation wise this are my favorite! The texture is somewhat softer than the others, and swatches like butter, this also means super high pigment with each swipe.

Eyeshadow swatches
Top to bottom; Hocus Pocus, Pewter, Pretty in Pink.

Overall, I would highly recommend trying Prestige Cosmetics! Especially their Total Intensity line because the products are high end quality at a reasonable price.

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