Coolway Go Pro Blow Dryer Review

Go Pro Blow Dryer $99.95
"Now you can get damage free, professional results at home everyday with Coolway’s Go Pro Dryer. It allows you to dry and style your hair at the same time, yet faster, easier, and with less heat.  The secret is CoolFlow™ Technology - a powerful 1875W AC motor that increases airflow without upping the temperature."

I am a huge fan of this blow dryer, and here's why

1. Doesn't dry out my hair
2. No frizz!
3. No burning hair smell or damage
4. Hair dries faster
5. Shinier locks

So I was a little skeptical that this dryer would really reduce dry time, but I was amazed that it really did! My hair dried in almost half the time, and even on the highest heat setting my hair never felt fried nor look fried once dry.. this dryer doesn't cause my hair to feel brittle and doesn't take away the natural shine of my hair-- it works great for styling hair too! I love to use my round brush and shape my bangs and even on the lower heat settings it works wonderfully to tame bangs and give hair volume.

I also love the fact that this dryer isn't huge it works great for travel and also has a cool burst mode, and an extra long cord.. so convenient!

Overall, I highly recommend this blow dryer as well as Coolway's other products such as the Autosense Styler which I am also a huge fan of.

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