Bebella 6p Pro Gift Set Review

6p Premium Pro Gift Set in Hot Pink $69.99

This 6 piece set includes a curling wand with 5 attachments..
As well as a flat iron
and it also includes a complimentary heat resistant glove.

So, what's my take on each of these items?

Curling Wand - I absolutely love this wand, it heats up quickly, it's super versatile because of all of the different attachments..
Left to right.. 9-18mm, 18-25mm, 25-25mm, 25-32mm, 32-32mm

I have very long, fine textured hair, but while my hair is fine I do have a lot of hair which is also difficult to curl. With this wand I get fun curls and pretty waves that last! I use the lowest heat setting possible which is "1" because "2" goes up to 500F and I don't need that much heat to get a curl with my fine hair.

On to the flat iron...
This flat iron is temperature adjustable between 180F all the way up to 500F. I love using this flat iron to style my bangs with a little curl/flick at the tips this also keeps them in place, and I never need to put it over 180F to get the results I want which means much less/no heat damage! This iron also glides through the hair easily, heats up within in a minute or less, and runs through the hair easily.

and finally, the heat resistant glove
This glove is a life saver.. almost literally. This has saved me from so many burns and makes styling my hair much less of a task and a lot easier. I'm so glad this set came which this glove, it's especially great for beginners!

Overall, I highly recommend this set if you're just getting into heat styling or for a great gift.

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