The Honest Kitchen Force Dog Food Review

Force Dog Food 2lb Box $21.99
This dog food is dehydrated & grain free, here's how it looks before water is added
"Force™ is a gluten-free dog food recipe, made with free-range chicken and fresh produce like potatoes, celery and green beans. It's is a natural dog food recipe, that’s crafted with some of the tastiest human grade ingredients we could get our paws on! Force is moderate in protein and fat so it’s perfect for adult maintenance, senior dogs and dogs who need a lower calorie diet. Force is ideal for dogs who need a diet without gluten. It’s also great for dogs who do better without eggs, beef or fish."

This food is ideal for pooches with allergies since some of the most common allergies dogs have are to glutens such as corn & wheat gluten. The ingredients are simple, and healthy! (they actually seem healthier & tastier than what I eat most days.) 

If you've tried dehydrated dog food in the past, you know one of the drawbacks can be hydration time, but this food actually hydrates faster than others, and dogs can't get enough of this stuff! Absolutely worth a try if you have a picky dog or one with allergies.

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