FlexiNail & FlexiNail for Toes Review

FlexiNail (for fingernails) 3 month supply (2 bottles) $44.85
FlexiNail for Toes $23.95
These products are AMAZING! and truly a holy grail product if you have dry, brittle or break-prone nails. I love to paint my nails, and because of that over time my nails started becoming weaker, and weaker to the point where they would break off as soon as they got long-- not only that, but they also peeled.

These are my results after using the products for 4 weeks...

Week 1 
Nails/cuticles became less dry, and had more shine.
Week 2 
Nails getting shinier, and growing faster.
Week 3 
Starting to notice nails no longer peeling or breaking.
Week 4
No peeling, nail breakage, and nails growing faster. Nails look healthier, whiter, shinier, and nail beds feel hard!

As you can see, these products won't work overnight, but if you continue to use them, and have patience you will achieve great results. I no longer need to use a cuticle oil because my nails stay moisturized, I no longer have breakage issues, and no more cracked nails or broken nails-- I've noticed a huge difference, and actually struggle to cut my nails now because they're SO strong! Before when I cut my nails, they would crack off into pieces.

Overall, I totally recommend both FlexiNail for fingernails & FlexiNail for toes, both worked wonders for me!

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