Pup Protector Review

LED Lighted Dog Collar (Red) $48.00
Both above photos taken outside on a bright day.
Taken indoors with light ons in the room.
Taken indoors with room lights off.

This collar is available in four colors; Blue, Red, Green, and Pink as well as three sizes.

It has three modes Off, Static, and Flash. My favorite mode is Static which is bright with no blinking. The modes are controlled by a button in the center of the circular Pup Protector logo. This collar is easily adjustable with same principle as adjusting a belt.

When I first got this collar I was super impressed with the quality. This will last your dog a long time, which means many fun walks!

Adjustable LED Dog Leash (Red) $48.00
Above photos taken outdoors.
Taken indoors with lights on in the room.

Equally as awesome quality as the collar, and I love the fact it's adjustable (which is uncommon for leashes.) This is a feature that comes in handy if your dog has an issue with pulling, you can easily shorten it to help teach your dog leash manners, and to stay closer.

Both the collar & the leash are fully weather-resistant, visible up to 1500 feet, and have reflective stitching. With the lights on these can last 42 hours glowing non-stop. Easy to switch out batteries (no screwdriver required.)

So what is Pup Protector all about? Here's a video with their story
If, for some reason you're unable to view the above video..
 Pup Protector is all about keeping you & your dog safe on walks at night. Often times people/their dogs are hit by cars at night or encounter close calls. With an LED collar and leash you can make sure cars see you, and have the reassurance that you & your pup will be safe. This is especially handy if you work long hours and are unable to walk your dog during the day.

Overall, I highly recommend both of these. Yes, they're an investment, but in the end the quality can't be beat AND Pup Protector will replace any of their products, at any time, for any reason.

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