Geodeo Deodorant Review

Geodeo Natural Deodorant Plus Detox Complex 2.3 oz $5.99 each
I own all four scents of the Geodeo Deodorants.

Island has a tropical, fruity scent that reminds me of sour apple candy.

Unscented, as the name implies is indeed unscented.

Ocean has a very fresh cologne-like scent.

Rainforest has a lighter scent than the other two, it's fruity & fresh smelling.

My new favorite deodorants! All of the scented ones smell amazing, they go on clear with absolutely no buildup, white marks or staining, making them ideal for spring/summer & those sleeveless shirts.

They glide on smooth, non-chalky, non-drying or greasy feeling, and truly appear invisible on the skin. They keep me fresh without smelling strong like I put on a bunch of perfume, and are only noticeable if I actually make an effort to smell my armpits.

These contain no harmful aluminum, phthalates, parabens or propylene glycol. The company that makes these deodorants has a great mission "We are proud to have been the first deodorant company to display the pink ribbon to signify our commitment. Know that when you purchase a deodorant product, you help us continue to support mothers, daughters, sisters, and loved ones currently battling breast cancer. Not only do we manufacture products that are doctor recommended, but we also donate every year to cancer treatment."

If you're looking for a natural deodorant or just one that works and smells great, I highly suggest giving one of these a try, they're the best deodorants I've come across.

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