Harry Barker Review

Collars $20-$24.00
Made from recycled plastic bottles, weather resistant,and machine washable.Very high quality, durable, adjustable collars. ADORABLE designs including nautical & leopard print! 

Leashes $26-$28.00
Lightweight, quick drying made from recycled plastic bottles, weather resistant,and machine washable. Same adorable styles as the collars & the same great quality plus each leash comes with a free, matching keyring!

Harnesses $24-$32.00
Lightweight, durable and machine washable. Made from 100% certified recycled plastic bottles, making them weather resistant, fast-drying and eco-friendly, not to mention super sassy & stylish! Fabulous quality & easily adjustable.

Cotton Rope Tug & Toss Toys $6-$10.00
"Aggressive chewers rejoice! One of the best dog chew toys, our Cotton Rope Tug & Toss Dog Toy is durable enough to withstand many, many rounds of tug-of-war."Made from machine washable cotton, and earth-friendly dyes. The tug & toss also helps keep dogs' teeth clean.

Great quality, fun, and versatile toys! For tug of war, chewing or fetch. Available in S, M, and L as well as 8 different colors!

Cotton Rope Bone Dog Toy $8-$10.00
"Keep your pup's teeth and gums clean with our rope dog toys! Ideal dog chew toys for teething puppies, just wet, freeze, and let 'em have at it. Made from 100% recycled cotton yarns, if our Cotton Rope Bone Toy gets dirty, just toss in it the wash. Clean teeth AND clean toys!"

Versatile, high quality, cute toy! Perfect gift for your dog. Available in S, and L and 8 colors.
Toy size comparison - Large Pink Bone Toy, Small Orange Tug & Toss, Large Pink Tug & Toss

Solid Hemp Bone Dog Toys $8-$10.00
These bones are made of a blend of hemp and cotton, stuffed with hypo-allergenic, eco-friendly fiberfill made from 100% recycled post-consumer plastics. Each bone has a two way squeaker inside! Available in a variety of sizes & colors which include Natural, Brown, Green, Light Blue, Orange, and Pink.

Good Dog Bone Toys $5.60
"Give love to your good dog with our stuffed dog bone toy. Made from durable cotton canvas backed with berber fleece, each of these pet toys is stuffed with eco-friendly fiberfill made from recycled post-consumer plastics. Good for dogs. Good for the environment."

Currently available in size Small 7" and 3 colors. Not only is this a great quality, cute, and fun toy, but according to little Bach, it also makes a great pillow for puppy naps!
Sweet fuzzy dreams.. ZZZZZZ..

Harry Barker don't just make stylish leashes, collars, and cute toys, they also offer beds, poop bags (don't act like you're not excited!) and a place to store all those cute toys you just ordered or treats/food you already have on hand.

One of their dog food tins
Eco-friendly pet waste bags
These are just a few of the super cute items Harry Barker offers! 

If you're a pet owner, I highly, highly suggest checking out their website. So far my expectations have been exceeded by all of the Harry Barker products I (and the dogs) have tried.

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