Giovanni D:tox System Body Care Review

Step 1 Purifying Body Wash 10.5 fl oz $9.95
This body wash is free from lauryl/laureth sulfate free, and is hypoallergenic

"Out with the bad: a unique combination of activated charcoal and volcanic ash delves into pores to absorb the day's toxins. In with the good: hand-harvested acai and goji berry, exotic super-antioxidants, nourish and rejuvenate, infusing skin with vitamins and minerals."

This body wash (as well as the other two products) has a fruity fig & green tea scent which I really like!

This body was lathers well, and actually creates gray bubbles as it lathers, and rinses off a gray color which is so cool! It really is purifying, and a more deep cleansing body wash than most because of that I wouldn't say it's particularly moisturizing, but it definitely gets you very clean & leaves you smelling great.

Step 2 Purifying Exfoliant Body Scrub 6 oz $9.95
This body scrub is perfect to use multiple times a week because it's not as heavy duty as some, and is a little less harsh, providing a gentle exfoliation. One of the unique aspects about this scrub is that it actually dissolves while you scrub! It's also grainier & more paste-like in texture.

Step 3 Replenishing Body Lotion 8.5 fl oz
This lotion fairly thin in texture, but deeply moisturizing and absorbs quickly leaving my skin feeling softer & smoother.

All of these products have the same great scent making it easy to layer them & provide lasting scent on your skin.

5% of all retail sales on D:tox System Products are donated to NBCF! (National Breast Cancer Foundation)

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