Dolce Mia Review

Modern Metro Tropical Citrus Body Wash 2 fl oz $4.25
This body wash has a sweet, slightly coconut-y citrus scent. I prefer this scent to most citruses because it's not bitter or overly strong.

It's castile based, but also contains coconut oil & olive oil. It lathers well, rinses well leaving no soap behind on your skin and leaves skin soft, smooth, and not dry.

Because I have such sensitive skin just about every body wash I've used has dried out my skin or made my skin blotchy however, this one didn't dry out my skin at all or leave it blotchy.

Love it!

Peacock Vanilla Instant Hand Cleanser 2 fl oz $5.25
This is a waterless hand cleanser containing aloe & organic botanicals. It's in a gel form similar to most hand sanitizers, but without the beads.

I love to use this between tasks to clean my hands when a sink isn't near by. It leaves my hands smelling great, and surprisingly feeling very fresh & clean.

I suggest anyone ordering at least two of these (one for home & one for purse) so you always have it handy. It's vanilla scented, very true to scent and not artificial smelling. It smells about a million times better than normal hand sanitizer, and works just as well!

Travel Size Shea Butter Lotions 1/4 oz $4.25
Hula Pikake - light floral scent similar to jasmines.
Red Hot Tuberose - smells similar to gardenia, but truer floral, sweeter & stronger.
Mango Tangerine - very true to scent, smells just like mangos & tangerines though the tangerine stands out more.

These shea butter lotions are awesome! They moisturize deeply, absorb quickly, are non-greasy, and smell AMAZING. My favorite scent of the three is Mango Tangerine though I love all of the scents.

These are great to keep in your purse, I like to make sure I have one with me at all times for elbow or knee touch ups (don't you hate it when you randomly notice your elbows are dry?!)

Totally recommend these to anyone, and especially those who love pin-up themed packaging or just love a good lotion!

All Dolce Mia products are made in the USA & all of the above products are vegan!

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