Demes Look Ma, Clean Paws Review

Look Ma, Clean Paws
In the scents Lavender Frankincense, Eucalyptus Peppermint, and Bergamot Geranium.

"Made with saponified organic oils and essential oils Look Ma, Clean Paws natural  pet shampoo is a gentle but effective liquid castile shampoo. Use for cleaning all furry family members. Run off water is eco friendly – which makes it good for outdoor washing."

Lavender Frankincense is a relaxing herbal-lavender scent.

Of the three scents, my favorite is Eucalyptus Peppermint it's very fresh and minty smelling, definitely clears your sinuses as you wash your dog, and leaves behind a soft minty scent once rinsed off.

Bergamot Geranium is a soft floral scent.

I've always been a fan of castile soap, but until now never thought to use it as a pet shampoo. One of the great things about castile soap is that a little goes a long way, although it doesn't lather a lot it's still really effective at cleaning-- it rinses off much more easily than most dog shampoos while still leaving the fur really clean & shiny.

Overall, I definitely recommend giving these a try! Great, natural alternative to harsh pet shampoos. Plus they're vegan!

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