Review Anastasia Hypercolor Brow and Hair Powders

Hypercolor Brow and Hair Powders $12.50 each, and are currently available exclusively at Ulta.

I received this set of all 5 colors for review purposes, but at Ulta they're sold separately.
 How they look on my hair!
 Shades used in order left to right - Mega Watt Green, In The Pink, and Teal Tornado
Electric Blue

A less vibrant effect can be easily achieved by brushing your hair - see below photo
These powders are extremely pigmented, and have amazing payoff even on darker hair like mine.

They can transfer to clothes, especially when applying on larger sections of hair, but the color will wash out. A small complaint would be that they do stain skin so wearing gloves when applying may be helpful if that bothers you.

The color lasts in hair all day, but will start to fade after a few hours or after brushing hair. The pink lasted the longest on my hair, and left a faint tint on my hair even after washing (which I loved the look of!)

They're quick and easily to apply, here's how!
These are a great, multi-purpose, temporary alternative to using chalk or those awful spray dyes. I've had so much fun experimenting with them!

Overall, I'd totally recommend them!