Review/Swatch Per-fékt Beauty

Brow Perfection Gel in Nude $22.00
Nude is clear, but they also offer colored brow gels.

I really like this brow gel because it keeps my brows in place, but it doesn't make them stiff or crunchy.

I also think the lime green packaging is pretty awesome!

Skin Perfection Gel in Luminous $57.50
The Skin Perfection Gel is available in translucent, but the shade I have is Luminous which is the lightest shade available.

It matches my skin fairly well. I'm usually a light-medium in face products.

The application of the product is different than most, and the most important part, when using it to get the desired result.

Use about a pearl sized amount for your entire face, and pat it in with your fingers rather than using a brush!

This product is very sheer! It feels similar to a foundation primer in texture.

As mentioned above it is very sheer, but it does help to slightly reduce the appearance of pores, and redness.

Unfortunately, it didn't work as well as I would have hoped with my dry skin, it clung to a couple of dry patches on my face even after exfoliating & moisturizing. I think this would be best on those with normal skin.

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Overall, I would recommend the Brow Perfection Gel, but not the Skin Perfection Gel unless you have normal or oily skin.